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Internal Medicine with Clinical Instructor, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

I absolutely loved the entire experience. The staff guided us every step of the process and it was just a breeze from then on.
Corina, Philippines
New York, New York

I truly loved this experience. This experience showed me the way clinics work and the way you need to accommodate to the patients needs.
Camilla, United States
New York, New York

It was a great experience, it helped me a lot and it was very useful. Dr. F was very nice and considerate of the cultural differences and cooperative.
Wesam, Egypt
New York, New York

Virtual Family Medicine with Bluegrass Family Medicine and Pediatrics

The doctors and nurses had very good communication and work ethic. They always showed professionalism and kindness towards patients and taught us how to improve those aspects in our practice.

I would fully recommend the AMO experience, especially as foreign students it allows us to get to know the health system and its operation in other countries, as well as meet new people and improve our clinical knowledge. I would love to be able to take the next rotation in person.
Llael, Mexico
This was an awesome experience. I met  two other IMG as me. Our mentor Dr. A. is not only a great physician but has a great personality as well. Thank you AMO for giving me the opportunity to learn from Dr. A. His way of teaching is extraordinary, without pressure and feelings of inadequacy, he always makes sure not to leave anyone behind in the discussion part and does not put anyone down. Special thanks to AMO for helping us during these challenging times.
Elka, United States
Preceptor is very approachable and enthusiastically answers my questions regarding the history, PE findings, diagnosis and treatment of the cases recently seen. He also gives insights on life as a medical resident.

I would recommend this program because it offers an opportunity to see a good variety of case such as Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, substance use disorder, alcohol use disorder, depression, anxiety, COVID, monkeypox, testosterone deficiency, burn, etc. The preceptor is very approachable and is willing to entertain any questions regarding the patient's cases.
Akira, Philippines

Plastic Surgery with Harvard Plastic Surgery Residency, Program Director

As previously mentioned this program was fantastic. Anyone interested in plastic surgery that contact AMO should be offered this program. It offers a constructive approach to learning plastic surgery. The content of the course creates a strong base for the attendee and as such gives them the tool they will need to perform well once they can secure hands on plastic rotation with AMO or within their home country. Since this program is done online it can be completed throughout the year. Spending time with Dr. L is always an enriching and enjoyable experience both personally and on a professional/educational level. Learning about specialty in an organized fashion can be difficult but the structure + resources provided during the course make the experience seamless. Not only was the course enjoy but it also enabled us to see procedures that normal student or even residency students would normally not see/touch.
Jose, South Africa

Dr. L's virtual telehealth rotation was amazing. He provides a great learning platform for students interested in the field of plastic surgery. I felt comfortable participating in this course, having all my questions answered as he is very approachable and knowledgeable. Dr. L has made this experience interactive and informative, especially being online during the pandemic. I had taken this course twice and Dr. L had added new content for me to see, which was nice of him. We got to see a lot of interesting cases and topics that are exclusive to the course. I had a great time watching all the different procedures and techniques alongside discussing future plastic surgery advances. There are excellent resources that support a solid foundation for learning and great discussions with students worldwide. I feel very fortunate I had to take this course as it is also really personal to me. I enjoyed interacting with students from around the world who are interested in the same field. AMO and Dr. L have done a great job putting this together. I cannot wait for the in-person rotations.
Ranvir, Canada

Had an amazing experience learning from Dr. L. He is knowledgeable and passionate about plastic surgery. The course covered the depth and breath of plastic surgery. The course was cohesive and the lectures added and clarified the readings which help build the base of knowledge. I now know more about each of the different facets of plastic surgery, and this will serve me well in the future. Dr. L is a charismatic teacher and is so willing to answer questions. I would recommend any student with an interest in plastics to not miss this opportunity.
Shermeen, United States

Neuro-Oncology at Dent Neurologic Institute

This is beyond my expectation. I really appreciated Dr. M for his passion in teaching, sharing experience, and caring for my career. I definitely will recommend the program to people who are interested in neurology.
Wu, Taiwan
Amherst, New York

Dr. M is truly a Unique mentor! The perfect blend of clinician, teacher, and human being. Every day is exciting and fun. Learned not only the highest of Neurosciences, but also the art of patient care and medicine. Gave a superb feel for the out-patient setting , and also insight into the logistics of running a successful practice in the United States. Was lucky to work with wonderful and helpful support staff, and to participate in excellent academic discussions. High Patient Volumes give good exposure to more common cases, while Dr. M renown will bring in the rarest of the rare cases also. Would give 6 of 5 stars if possible.
Sashi, Germany
Amherst, New York

In addition to that amazing doctor whom I consider " Hippocrates of Neurology ," I would like to thank AMO for their great help , they were 24 hours with me, I have tried many other websites as FMG / AmeriClerkships but AMO is the best, easiest website platform, reasonable prices , excellent support and variety of specialties and places.
Ahmed, Egypt
Amherst, New York

Pediatrics at AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center Professional Building

Great rotation, awesome service, great physicians, good learning experience
Faisal, United Republic of Tanzania
Chicago, Illinois

Highly recommend this clinical to every medical student! You have the opportunity to take a patient's complete history and perform physical exams daily. Additionally, you have access to the electronic health records and write SOAP notes everyday. Dr. A sits down with all the students in the evening, reviews each note, and provides crucial feedback. She really wants every medical student to learn and succeed. There are also a lot of opportunities to attend various medical conferences, which are fun and educational.
Veronica, United States
Chicago, Illinois

This is the greatest medical program I've ever participated. AMO provides very good placements and the TEAM is awesome.
Rodeson, Haiti
Chicago, Illinois

"I went to New York for a general surgery rotation. It was the most wonderful experience I've ever had. My physician was very kind and helpful and the hospital received me so well! All the patients and the cases that I got to know added to my curriculum and will help my future career!"

Natalia, Brazil

Our Most Visited Cities

Cardiology with Assistant Professor, New York University

This rotation is a great learning experience. The attendings are exceptional human beings. They are compassionate, patient and enjoy to teach. They show great respect both for students as well as patients. They go over patient plans as well as treatment options. I learned a lot in a short period of time.
Diego, Colombia
New York, New York

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Internal Medicine in New York with Associate Academic Professor, Touro School of Medicine

From where should I start? It was an excellent rotation in all aspects! Really worth it! The doctor is a really great professional, he teaches you a lot. I learnt a lot from him. He is very academic and he always knows the latest research from internal medicine. The cases we reviewed at his office, many of them are on the questions for the boards (he knows what you are going to be tested). He is someone that inspire you to be the best physician, very academic and humanistic at the same time. Totally recommend.
Rommy, Ecuador
New York, New York

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Plastic Surgery at Madison Plastic Surgery

I absolutely loved my experience. Working under Dr. T was amazing. I learnt so much from him that I can't even put it into words. I would definitely suggest people to take up this shadowing program.
Shreya, India
New York, New York

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General Surgery at Surgical Services Corporation

Overall my experience with Dr. A and Dr. A was productive. it was interesting to see their different approach to patients and interactions. I felt like I learn a lot about patient interaction and about the ambulatory general surgery service in the USA.
Dor, Israel
Chicago, Illinois

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Cardiology at Presence St. Francis Hospital Professional Building

Dr. G is by far one of the best mentors/friends that I have had the chance to encounter in my life. He always prioritized my education as well as my peers before everything. He loves to teach and even though I thought I had a good understanding of the medical world, it is great to find such a humble soul as him to kindly prove me that there is always room for improving. I'm proud to say he is my mentor/friend and I can always count on him regarding this difficult process of Medical Residency.
Gustavo, Peru
Evanston, Illinois

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Orthopedic Surgery with Director of Sports Medicine, Louis A Weiss Memorial Hospital

I had a good experience with amopportunities. I had quick answers when I needed it. I really enjoyed learning about American medical practice. I recommend the AMO services.
Chicago, Illinois

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IM/Nephrology with Baylor College of Medicine, Clinical Instructor

It is amazing what it can offer to international medical students to give them an opportunity to be able to compete with AMGs and be better equipped with the knowledge needed in keeping up with the American medical system.
Khaled, Saudi Arabia
Huston, Texas

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Cardiology with Clinical Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

My rotation was very nice, I enjoy and learn every day and I would do it again with out a doubt.
Javier, Mexico
Houston, Texas

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Pediatrics with Chief of Pediatrics, Woman's Hospital of Texas

I loved this rotation. The doctor and staff were incredible, very friendly and helpful. Doctor S is a great physician and human being, also he encourage us to practice and learn. I recommend this rotation a lot.
Karime, Mexico
Huston, Texas

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Orthopedic Surgery with Clinical Assistant Professor, Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

Outstanding Clinic rotation, I had a great time getting to know all the members of the treatment team. Everyone was super welcoming and they truly enjoyed having someone come learn from abroad. There are a ton of patients to see, you will gain a lot of knowledge from it.
Korina, United States
Miami Beach, Florida

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IM/Pulmonology at Kateb Medical Associates

I enjoyed my rotation tremendously and learned a lot with Dr. K. He was an amazing physician and a teacher. I'll definitely do another observership with AMO again in the future.
Mohammmad, Kuwait
Delray Beach, Florida

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Plastic Surgery with Clinical Assistant Professor Florida International University School of Medicine

Perfect from the beginning up to the end. I have been supported the entire time by the team
Mendes, Brazil
Miami, Florida

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These Specialties are the Most Sought After

Internal Medicine with Adjunct Instructor, Department of Medicine, NYU Langone Health

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a great experience. The preceptors we worked with were amazing and I could learn a lot from them. They are all kind and willing to help out at any point of time.
Kendah, Saudi Arabia
New York, New York

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Internal Medicine with Assistant Professor, University of South Florida College of Medicine

I was thoroughly satisfied with my AMO experience. Dr L was an amazing mentor and very kind. It's easy to see why her patients love her so much. I would highly recommend this rotation to my peers. Thank you AMO for this excellent experience.
Arichena, Canada
Tampa, Florida

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Internal Medicine at Premier Medical Care

It was a meaningful experience overall. I was able to see the differences of the healthcare system between America and the system in the third-world. It was also a learning experience for me to be able to observe how history taking and physical examination are done in the US. I'm glad that I'm able to answer some of Dr. L questions and that I can quite compete in the US given my level of education. Dr. L is nice, a good mentor and really friendly. I enjoyed the whole experience a lot and would definitely recommend the program to my friends back home.
Francesca, Philippines
Burlingame, California

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Cardiology with Chief of Cardiology at Lompoc Valley Medical Center

The doctor is a really nice person and a good cardiologist, he have a lot of patience and explain everything to you in the easiest way, he has a broad spectrum of habilities. He also shows you ACC videos related to the patients. He is really busy, since he is the only cardiologist in town.

Yes, definitely recommend. The main reason is that the experience is exactly what we as IMGs look for, that means a lot of nice people and a great doctor that helps you through the way.
Rodolfo, Mexico
Lompoc, California

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Cardiology with Clinical Associate Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. N is a dedicated teacher who is very interested in teaching and making sure his students are learning and are happy while doing so. Everyone in the office is kind and friendly. They made me feel welcomed and accepted since the first day. He is ethical and kind with his patients and i could see how he build the bond he has with his patients, which is very helpful to learn. He encourages us to learn and explore our abilities and is always open to any suggestions. He even invited us for thanksgiving. I am very grateful for this opportunity as this is the best rotation i probably would ever have in my life.
Toong, Malaysia
New York, New York

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Cardiology at Cardiac Center of Texas at Medical Center of McKinney Hospital

My experience at the cardiac center of Texas was great. I learned a lot and the people were really friendly and helpful.
Sami, Saudi Arabia
McKinney, Texas

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Pediatrics with Faculty, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky College of Medicine

The program was great! Dr. A is not only very sweet but also very smart and enjoys teaching a lot. You will not only get the chance to have a US experience, but will also manage to review a lot of the most common pediatric topics you are likely to encounter. I was the only student with her which I thought was terrifying at first, but she really did manage to keep my plate full and keep me busy with videos or a certain topic when there were no patients. She also manages to keep in touch with all her students from previous rotations!
Hala, Jordan

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Pediatrics with Voluntary Faculty Clinical Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

This pediatrics rotation allowed me to gain insight of what it is like to work in outpatient pediatrics and the common pathologies I will encounter as a pediatric resident. I had the opportunity to present two very interesting cases. Dr. ***** is very patient. She welcomes questions throughout the day and provides excellent feedback after actively listening to the student presentations. I acquired an LOR at the end of my rotation which I used to apply for the Match this year. So far, I have had five interview invites and I am sure her letter of recommendation played a huge role.
Daniela, Colombia
Bellaire, Texas

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Pediatrics at Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists, PA

I loved this rotation. It reignited my passion for Pediatrics. I couldn't have asked for better teachers!! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.
Riya, India
Tampa, Florida

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Family Medicine at Miami Beach Community Health Center

It was a great opportunity and worth every cent. I learned about telemedicine, HIPAA procedures, EMR, improved my spanish language comprehension, how is organized a Family Medicine Physician agenda, how a medical clinic works and also I had important lectures during this rotation. My preceptor was very professional, ethical and polite. So, I'd like to thanks her, all MBCHC staff and AMOpportunities for this enriched experience.
Sarah, Brazil
Miami, Florida

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Family Medicine in Chicago with Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
The doctor and staff helped me learn as much as possible in a clinic setting. The doctor always made sure I asked the right questions while taking history and what to look for while performing a physical examination. She also would explain to me her thought process of diagnosing a patient or why she would add or change a type of medication.
Jessica, United States
Chicago, Illinois

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Family Medicine at Lake America Family Physicians

I liked it, it was very good, good people working there, they have helped me so much while applying to the program and while getting the paper work done
Rosa, Peru
Clermont, Florida

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Neurology with Clinical Professor in Neurology, George Washington University School of Medicine

I think this is one of the greatest learning experiences one can ever possibly have. There are not only neurology patients, but also other internal medicine patients and others with psychiatric conditions. Dr. B looks up a research article for every single case that comes into the clinic and discusses it thoroughly when the patient leaves, so the case is forever carved in one's mind. He also shows a lot of relevant educational videos. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming; you can tell from the first time you meet Dr. B in the orientation. Everyone is also very professional and very knowledgeable about all the conditions and all the patients. Dr. B teaches what is it to truly develop a loving doctor-patient relationship and knows every single patient inside out and rules out every possible condition there is before establishing a diagnosis. A wonderful experience overall, I will hopefully go through this experience in-person again.
Hala, Jordan
Washington, District of Columbia

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Neurology with Director, Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases of Florida

There are 2 amazing doctors in the practice. I learn so much from them. The doctors also help me write 2 papers, so what else can you ask? the rotation was beyond amazing. I was allow to do physical exam, the doctors offer me to do history taking as well. Boca Raton is great place to be.
Juan, Ecuador
Boca Raton, Florida

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Neurology with Adjunct Instructor, Mount Sinai Medical Center - NYC

A great experience that gets you into US medical system. A must do for everyone even if you are not planning on practising medicine in US.
Gklinos, Greece
New York, New York

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"Traveling to Chicago to attend a six-week pediatric clinical experience was one of the best things to happen during my many years of medical training. Like me, many foreign medical students are under the illusion that they know how the U.S. health system works. This experience allowed me to see the real thing."

Jaime, Ecuador

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