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Why Apply for a Research Rotation?

Research programs take you beyond the clinical application of medicine to develop a deeper understanding of your medical specialty. These experiences are vital for those who hope to go on to do lab or academic research, but they are also important for those hoping to go into clinical care. Through research, you can diversify your professional experience and stand out on residency applications.

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The Importance of Research for a Career in Medicine

In the face of a global health crisis, the rapid production of multiple Covid-19 vaccines was a bright reminder of the importance of research to the field of medicine. Research helps fill gaps in knowledge and leads the way for the discovery of new treatments.

A research rotation with AMO can give you the opportunity to:

  • Expand your research experience and build your C.V.
  • Strengthen critical thinking skills and engage with new ideas
  • Prepare for PhD-level medical research
  • Expand your professional network
  • Learn the publication process
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Orange Publishing opportunities icon. AMO offers IMG rotations for IMGs to get research published.

Publishing Opportunities

Research programs are short-term clinical experiences with a research component. These are hosted by preceptors who will incorporate research during the rotation. While we cannot guarantee that your work will be published, there are trainees who have been published.

Many past trainees have also been able to:  

  • Compile research into a conference poster
  • Present findings at a regional or national conference
  • Work alongside and network with leading field researchers
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“I recommend this program to everyone who is interested in oncology or doing research. The rotation was beyond my expectations. The physicians who are working there were excellent teachers and wonderful researchers. I feel really lucky that I rotated there.”

Almila, Turkey
Internal Medicine/Oncology—Santa Monica, California

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Program Types

Orange in-person program icon
rotate in-person to complete your medical electives in the USA


Our U.S. in-person rotations, including medical electives, observerships, clerkships, and externships, provide medical students, graduates, and nurses with the opportunity to become a part of a cutting-edge healthcare system. Medical trainees are paired with a physician or hospital department to experience the practice of medicine in the U.S.

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We offer hands-on rotations and observerships virtually, so you can participate in a medical elective or core rotation from the comfort of your home.


Telehealth is the future of medicine, which is why we now offer virtual clinical experiences, including virtual medical electives and research experiences. These rotations follow the same format as in-person experiences but rely on audio and video streaming technology to connect visitors with precepting physicians, their patients, and other medical trainees.

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orange stethoscope pre-med icon
Rotate as a pre-med student; take electives that can help you study for the usmle.


Our pre-med shadowing experiences are available to undergraduate students currently enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities. They provide participants with a realistic look at daily life as a healthcare professional. Earn the letters of evaluation you need to apply to medical school.

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“This rotation offered me many opportunities and the chance to work with a great team that was friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. It didn’t feel like I was in a hospital, but instead, a small family.”

Augusto, Italy
Neurology—New York City, NY

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Guaranteed Seating in Top Research Programs

AMOpportunities makes the process of finding research experiences easy by offering guaranteed seating through our partnerships with top medical researchers, hospitals, and institutions. Check out some of our top rotations.

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Telehealth in Action

Join us virtually to experience the U.S. healthcare system from anywhere.

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U.S. Professors

Programs with preceptors who are university affiliated

Academic programs

“I would definitely recommend this program for any motivated individuals who want to learn about research in the U.S. and participate in various research projects.”

Jose, Belgium

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