AMOpportunities Partners with California Hospital

Brittany Trevick

AMOpportunities and Lompoc Valley Medical Center to offer clinical experiences to international medical students and graduates.


August 27, 2020

In partnership with AMOpportunities, Lompoc Valley Medical Center(LVMC) in California will now offer clinical experiences to medical students and graduates globally.

This partnership is significant in the wake of COVID-19, which is putting an incredible strain on the U.S. healthcare system. There’s no more obvious time than now that highlights the need for foreign-trained medical doctors. This partnership with Lompoc Valley Medical Center is just one step in developing future physicians by giving them the U.S.clinical experience they need for their careers.

This is the first hospital in California to partner with AMOpportunities.

AMOpportunities also has institutional partnerships with HarvardMedical Faculty Physicians at BIDMC, Inc., University of Illinois Chicago,University of Miami, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, LarkinCommunity Hospital in Miami, and Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago.

“Partnering with Lompoc Valley Medical Center is a point of pride for us," says Kyle Swinsky, CEO, AMOpportunities. “AMO actively seeks hospitals that believe teaching is a means to bringing diverse healthcare workers to their patients and communities. We knew immediately upon meeting the team that they would fit right in with AMO. Our AMO visitors are going to have a phenomenal learning experience at LVMC.”

Currently, the hospital hosts three programs on AMO’s platform in general surgery, cardiology, and family medicine. That number is expected to increase as the partnership develops.

This is the first time LVMC has hosted rotations for medical students and graduates.

“We’re so excited to launch rotations for students across the world,” says Steve Popkin, CEO “We’re looking forward to meeting our future AMO visitors and what they will bring to our hospital and the local community.”

AMOpportunities partners with hospitals across the country to set up direct training affiliations with the U.S. and international medical schools. These affiliations create direct pipelines of future doctors for understaffed hospitals while expanding access to clinical training for medical students globally.

About AMOpportunities, Inc.

AMOpportunities, Inc. is a Chicago-based company that manages clinical training for schools, hospitals, and students globally. The company’s end-to-end software solution has provided more than 3,500 students with rotations at 250-plus clinical sites. They count Kaplan Medical and AMSA as partners as well as institutions such as University of Miami, UChicago Medicine, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Florida InternationalUniversity, and UI Health. More information at
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