AMOpportunities and iRCM Partner to Address Clinician Workforce Shortages in New York City

Brittany Trevick

The two will work together to develop critical workforce pipelines.


July 26, 2023

AMOpportunities, a leading clinical education platform, has announced a strategic partnership with iRCM, a prominent provider of revenue cycle management solution for healthcare practices. This partnership aims to tackle the growing clinician workforce shortages in the New York City area by developing critical workforce pipelines through clinical education at the 350+ New York-based, iRCM-affiliated practices.  


The shortage of healthcare providers, including physicians and other clinicians, has become a significant concern in the healthcare industry. The NYC area, with its dense population and diverse healthcare needs, is particularly affected by this shortage.  

AMOpportunities specializes in connecting domestic and international healthcare professionals, schools, and students with clinical experiences and educational opportunities throughout the United States and virtually.  


"We are thrilled to partner with iRCM to address the clinician workforce shortages in the NYC area," says Ryan Palmer, EdD, vice president of clinical education, AMOpportunities. "Through our partnership, we will provide clinical students and graduates with the opportunity to learn and contribute to the healthcare landscape, while iRCM's affiliated practices will benefit from a reliable source of qualified clinicians."  

Through clinical education and training opportunities, AMOpportunities will help bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and iRCM's affiliated practices. This will ensure that the practices have access to a steady supply of highly skilled clinicians, while clinical students and graduates gain valuable hands-on experience within the U.S. healthcare system. By offering these experiences, mentoring, and educational support, the two organizations will empower healthcare providers with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the NYC community.

"We are excited to collaborate with AMOpportunities to enhance our network of healthcare practices," says Ahmad Masoud Managing Director at iRCM. "By investing in clinical education and fostering a strong workforce pipeline, we aim to provide our affiliated practices with the talent they need to deliver high-quality care to their patients."  

The partnership between AMOpportunities and iRCM will have a lasting impact on addressing clinician workforce shortages in the NYC area. By bringing together the strengths and resources of both organizations, this collaboration will create a pathway for future healthcare professionals to excel in their careers while supporting the growth and success of iRCM's affiliated practices.

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