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Medical learning for U.S. pre-medical students that goes beyond the classroom!

What is a Pre-Med Shadowing Experience?

Similar to an undergraduate internship, a pre-med shadowing experience is an observership program that provides you with the opportunity to see how classroom concepts translate to real-world settings, puts you one step ahead of your peers, and enhances your med school applications Secure your pre-med shadowing experience with four quick steps:


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“The staff/preceptors I shadowed were all incredible professionals. They were very knowledgeable, took the time to explain the steps they took, gave a lot of advice, and were always there to answer questions. I would definitely recommend this program to others because it confirmed my career choice and allowed me to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences with patients and doctors. I learned more about medicine in this month than I had learned in my four years of undergrad.”

Jessica, United States
Pediatrics, August 2021

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What to Expect from a Pre-Med Shadowing Clinical Experience

During a pre-med shadowing program, you enter the clinical setting and observe a U.S. physician. You will be exposed to patient-physician interactions as they play out in real-time and observe the process of providing care.

These clinical experiences provide insight into what life is like as a physician, which is an invaluable opportunity to solidify your goal of attending medical school and becoming a physician. It is also a chance to explore a specialty, which can help you establish your field of study early in your education and save you time and resources down the line.

Benefits of a U.S. Pre-Med Shadowing Experience

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Earn credit for your core and medical electives completed in the USA.

Build a Stand-Out Application

Standing out on medical school applications takes more than strong grades and competitive MCAT scores. A pre-med shadowing experience gives you shadowing hours and provides you with real-world experience for your CV.
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Gain skills from your clinical experience medical electives to help you on the USMLE

Gain Real-World Experience

Real-world medical settings give you the language and skills that better prepare you to discuss your interests and experience during medical school interviews.
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Earn an LoR to validate your medical work experience abroad and help you when applying to the match.

Earn a Letter of Evaluation

AMOpportunities helps you request a merit-based letter of evaluation from your precepting physician. Because the credentials of letter writers are as important as the content, and LoE from a practicing physician carries more weight than letters from course instructors.
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Find a Mentor

Pre-med shadowing experiences can be about more than experiencing medical settings. Previous students often share how their preceptors go above and beyond by providing case studies, articles, or even videos to enhance learning.
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Complete your US elective and core rotations and experience a new culture.

Improve Your Med School Application

Participating in a pre-med shadowing program puts you one step ahead of your peers. It gives you real-world experience that you can talk about in your application and enhances your resume.
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“This was by far the best experience I have had with any physician. As an undergrad, I have shadowed several physicians. Although I felt I had learned from all them, they all seem boring compared to this experience. The doctor had prepared slides of various cases and went over those cases with us. He even quizzed us on the material. He had my full attention 100 percent of the time.”

Josh, United States
General Surgery, June 2021

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