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Expand opportunities in healthcare education and grow your organization’s reach.

AMO and NPOs: Expanding Impact

AMO and nonprofit organizations, who focus on healthcare and education, work together to expand U.S. clinical training opportunities for their communities.
Read our case study to learn more about how AMO and one of our nonprofit partners, Lifeways, work together to expand impact.

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How It Works

Partnering with AMO supports your organization’s mission of accessible healthcare and education opportunities by:

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  • Providing access to our platform of 330+ clinical training sites
  • Creating opportunities for students and doctors to gain hands-on training
  • Offering members application support
  • Providing visa, housing, and transportation support
  • Offering discounts specific to your organization
  • Assisting with webinars and other events to bring awareness of AMO’s U.S. rotations

A Program for Every Healthcare Learner

From physicians to dentists, nurses to pre-medical students and beyond, AMO programs are designed for trainees across the healthcare industry.


For U.S. students of osteopathic medicine, among the fastest growing sectors in healthcare.


The most common type of medical student globally. AMO preceptors train U.S. MD students, IMGs, and U.S.-IMGs


From BSN, RN, MSN, and NP students to practicing RNs and NPs.

Physician Assistant

While PAs innovate the way the healthcare industry operates, our rotations innovate how they are trained. All PA programs meet ARC-PA standards.


Programs designed to prepare BDS, DDS, or DMD students for careers in U.S. dentistry.


For U.S. bachelor-level students with medical career aspirations, pre-med shadowing opportunities help strengthen med school applications.


The opportunity for most healthcare trainees to be involved in field-impacting research projects, with some projects having publishing potential.

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Expand Your Impact

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Pre-Med Shadowing

Our pre-med shadowing opportunities are available to undergraduate students enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities. These experiences provide participants with a realistic look at daily life as a physician.

These unique experiences can strengthen medical school applications and provide a letter of evaluation and a talking point during medical school interviews. Both virtual and in-person options are available.

Research Experiences

We offer several clinical experiences that concentrate on medical research.

Participants are paired with a physician and, depending on the program, will interpret and analyze data, record findings, and practice presenting information in a lecture or professional setting.

Dentistry & Nursing Experiences

While our focus is on providing clinical experiences to medical trainees, we also offer select clinical experiences in nursing and dentistry.

Those who are in school for or have a BDS, DDS, or DMD degree are eligible for our dentistry experiences.

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Practicing RNs, NPs, and those in school for their RN, BSN, MSN, or Doctorate are eligible for our nursing experiences.

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Our NPO Partners

Supporting Every Step

From booking to returning home, AMO offers world-class support throughout the entire rotation journey.
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This step indicates that users can search for medical electives abroad, medical work experience, volunteer programs, clerkships, and observerships in the US.
AMO Advisors help your students find programs and upload their application materials.
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Once reserved, students are matched with a personal AMO Coach who helps with housing, transportation, and visa assistance and is a student’s point of contact throughout their rotation.

Host a Webinar

Webinars are a great opportunity for students to learn about the benefits of finding U.S. clinical rotations, and they can help you recruit students to your organization.

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