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With 280+ programs in 70+ specialties and subspecialties, AMO gives you more to choose from.

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Which U.S. Elective is Right for You? The Choice is Truly Yours.

With guaranteed seating at top U.S. hospitals and clinics, AMO empowers you to decide the U.S. clinical experience you want. Please fill out this form and an AMO Advisor will work with you to make sure we can fulfill your academic requirements.

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The Benefits of Our Medical Electives

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Earn credit for your core and medical electives completed in the USA.

Fulfill Academic Requirements

Earn medical elective credits so you can move one step closer to becoming a physician while enhancing your resume/CV. We work with international and U.S. medical schools to make sure you get credit.
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Earn an LoR to validate your medical work experience abroad and help you when applying to the match.

Earn a Letter of Recommendation

Use this document to build your Match application for residency in the U.S. or use it in your home country when applying for jobs.
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Gain skills from your clinical experience medical electives to help you on the USMLE

Gain Medical Knowledge and Skills

Learn about a new area of medicine, practice your medical English, and develop specific skills under the supervision of esteemed U.S. physicians.
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Complete your US elective and core rotations and experience a new culture.

Explore a New Healthcare System and Culture

Experience the U.S. healthcare system during the week and spend the weekends exploring the communities near your rotation site or preparing for the USMLE.

“The most memorable part about my AMO rotation was to get to work with people from another culture and different backgrounds but with the same passion and love for medicine.”

Alejandro, Mexico
Orthopedic Surgery—Chicago, Illinois

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Our Rotations are Located Across the United States

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During Your U.S. Elective, You’re Not Alone

From browsing to booking, AMO provides you with the guidance you need to rotate with confidence.

With AMO, you benefit from:

  • Our Partnerships Team will work with you and your university to ensure academic requirements are met
  • Guaranteed seating through our partnerships with top U.S. hospitals and schools
  • A dedicated Advisor to help you find a medical elective best suited to your needs
  • A personal Coach to be your AMO contact throughout your rotation; they will help with securing a visa and housing accommodations, and help answer questions that arise
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In-Person or Virtual Clinical Electives

Rotate where you want, whenever you’re ready.

As a foreign medical student, your U.S. clinical elective should be your perfect fit. That’s why we offer medical elective rotations across the U.S. that will allow you to immerse yourself in the U.S. healthcare system. You can gain skills in telehealth with a virtual medical elective from the comfort of home.

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“My doctor’s teaching reached beyond the scope of medicine and into other practical aspects of our professional lives. What I found especially helpful is that he chose to use personal examples to help prepare us for the road ahead in residencies and fellowships.”

Aman, Pakistan
Cardiology—Evanston, Illinois

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Popular Medical Electives

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internal medicine

Those who specialize in internal medicine work with patients of all ages. Internists help patients with a variety of conditions and help monitor chronic illnesses.
Learn more about internal medicine.

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Pediatrics focuses on caring for and managing health issues impacting adolescents, children, and infants.
Learn more about pediatrics.

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General surgery

General surgery focuses on diagnosing and treating medical conditions through surgery. Surgeons provide pre-operative, operative, and post-operative care to patients.
Learn more about general surgery.

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orange circle icon of female reproductive organs to represent the medical specialty of OBGYN that we offer clinical rotations in.


Obstetrics and Gynecology focuses on the female reproductive system and pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum health.
Learn more about OBGYN.

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Our AMO Advisors are here to help with any questions or concerns you have. Email us today at advisors@amopportunities.org or schedule a call below!

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