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We make USCE opportunities more accessible to IMGs through guaranteed seating in U.S. rotations at top hospitals and clinical sites.

The Necessity of U.S. Clinical Experiences

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Medical Trainees, Just Like You

Our Ambassadors began as medical trainees in search of U.S. clinical experiences. After their AMO rotations, they wanted to help spread the word.
Get to know our ambassadors or reach out with any questions you have about rotating.

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Guaranteed Spots at Top U.S. Hospitals and Clinics

AMOpportunities makes the process of finding U.S. clinical experiences easy by offering guaranteed seating through our partnerships with top U.S. hospitals and physicians.

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U.S. Clinical Experiences with the AMO Advantage

AMO has already done the work of finding availability in programs that value the role of IMGs in the U.S. healthcare system, which means all you need to do is find the clinical experiences that work best for you, including observerships, clerkships, virtual rotations, and externships.

With AMO, you benefit from:

  • Access to the most extensive USCE platform in the world
  • Partnerships with top U.S. hospital and clinical sites
  • A simple and free application process
  • Program bundling and app stacking features
  • Personalized world-class support at every step of the rotation process
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More Than Access to Clinical Sites, our Partnerships with Organizations Around the World

AMO offers hospital programs in some of the largest cities in the U.S. Check out a few of our most popular rotations.


IMG Match provides IMGs with the educational and professional resources they need to succeed on the U.S. residency Match.

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Kaplan’s test prep resources help prepare students for a range of exams. So whether it’s the MCAT, COMLEX, or USMLE Steps, Kaplan will have you feeling confident.

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The American Medical Student Association creates a network of medical students from around the world. Through AMSA find professional development and networking opportunities.

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swoosh english

When it comes to proving your medical English skills through OET exam, Swoosh English is your best bet. They’ve helped over 22,000 students build fluency and confidence to work and study abroad.

Visit swoosh
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Match Data

Year after year, Match data shows that IMGs match at a rate significantly disproportionate to non-IMGs. Beyond gaining real-world experience with the U.S. healthcare system, USCE helps qualify you for more residency programs while helping you stand out on those applications. It can also help you with the USMLE. Per our annual Match survey, 80.6 percent of IMGs who attended an AMO rotation and applied for the Match were accepted into a U.S. residency program in 2022.

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Securing Your Visa

After you are accepted into your rotation, the next step is reserving. You will then need to obtain a visa, which is a critical step to entering the U.S. Don't worry—AMO can help! Once reserved, you can request a visa invitation letter, you will need to show to help secure your visa. To receive your letter, you will also be asked to show proof of a scheduled visa interview. Take the first step now by filling out the required DS-160 Visa Application form at

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Highlighted Programs

AMO offers more than 280 hands-on, observership, and virtual clinical experiences that have helped past IMGs match into U.S. residency programs. Check out some of our top rotations:


Physical Experience

Get involved in patient care with hands-on rotations.

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In the Clinic

Learn from top physicians in clinical settings.

View observerships


Anytime. Anywhere.

Develop skills critical to the future of healthcare.

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Be Part of the Care Process

Hands-on clinical experiences put you at the center of providing care. Under physician supervision, you’ll interact with real patients. Prepare for USMLE:

  • Recording patient histories
  • Taking vitals
  • Making differential diagnosis
  • Providing physical exams and immunizations

Past IMG Trainee Testimonials

"My hands-on rotation with Dr. F and his team has made me a more competent doctor. For me, the end result was improved interpersonal skills, professionalism, and practice-based learning.  Due to my involvement in this program and the mentorship I received, I find myself with many significant new clinical skills. I’m forever grateful for this experience and recommend it highly."  

Elizabeth, Mexico
Internal Medicine–New York City, New York

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"I’m starting my medical residence in Mexico but plan on continuing my career in the U.S. My AMO clinical rotation was in pediatrics, and it helped me build my C.V. for the matching process here in Mexico."

Karina, Mexico
Pediatrics–Houston, Texas

"AMO has helped me with my U.S. clinical experience, and thanks to that I applied with strong letters of recommendation to this year’s [2020-2021] Match. I am very grateful and happy."

Blanca, Spain
‍‍Cardiology–New York, New York

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