Hospitals and Preceptors

Educate tomorrow's doctors from around the globe.

How it works

We now offer a customizable SaaS platform for your own visiting programs.

For a demo please reach out to our Programs team.

    Generate substantial revenue

    We pay hospitals for providing clinical experiences. Host eight annual rotations, and we will pay you $200,000. Host 60, and we will pay you $1.4 million.

    Attract new doctors to your jobs

    Our visitors look to practice or apply for residency upon completion of rotations. You choose your sources of visitors and criteria, creating new pipelines.

    Bring diversity to your hospital

    Adding short-term visitors from other locations and backgrounds adds diversity to your patient care.
    Imagine a cohort of international trainees that address a demographic of your patients.

    Our software and services simplify administration

    Normally administrators have to do all the work. Not with AMO. We provide our staff and platform to handle document collection, scheduling, reporting, and support.

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    Note: If you are interested instead in our customizable SaaS platform for your own visiting programs, and would like a demo, please reach out to our recruitment team.