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Whether you are or know a student or graduate ready to apply for a dream clinical experience or are still early in the process, a gift card helps prepare for the cost of a rotation. You can pay now and then reserve when you're ready.
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A gift card propels IMGs toward the goal of completing a U.S. rotation.

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Gift cards help IMGs plan rotations around busy schedules.

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An AMO gift card allows trainees to budget by covering part of the cost.

Buy Now, Reserve Later

When you buy a gift card, you receive a code to use when paying program costs.

Gift cards come in three amounts: $250, $350, or $1000.  

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Popular Programs

AMO offers more than 250 hands-on, observership, virtual, and pre-med shadowing clinical experiences that have helped past IMGs and students reach their medical education goals.

Most Popular

most popular program in-person

100+ AMO Visitors

Internal Medicine with Clinical Instructor, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

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Olympics affiliated

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Olympics Team Physician

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Avanti Sports Medicine & Fitness

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most popular virtual rotation program

5/5 Stars

Plastic Surgery with Harvard Plastic Surgery Residency Program Director

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U.S. Clinical Experiences with the AMO Advantage

With AMO, all medical trainees need to do is search our platform for the clinical experiences that work best for them, including medical electives, observerships, clerkships, virtual rotations, and externships.  

With AMO, trainees benefit from:

  • Access to the most extensive USCE platform in the world
  • Partnerships with top U.S. hospital and clinical sites
  • A simple and free application process
  • Program bundling and app stacking features
  • Personalized world-class support at every step of the planning process
  • Letters of recommendation based on merit from U.S. preceptors
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