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Q&A with a Harvard Research Director

June 2, 2023 at 11 a.m. CDT

Hosted by AMO Advisor Delaney

Dr. Lin, the plastic surgery residency program director and associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, is hosting a Q&A on alongside AMO Advisor Delaney.

Dr. L will talk about the importance of research for your medical career and how to get ahead when applying to the Match.

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Boost Your Medical School Application

June 9, 2023 at 12 p.m. CDT

Hosted by AMO Advisor Delaney

Want to stand out on your med school applications? Research is the perfect way to give you a competitive edge and jump-start your medical career. Join Dr. Lin, a Harvard Research Director and Residency Program Director, as he talks about the importance of research.

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The Match Timeline

June 13, 2023 at 10 a.m. CDT

Hosted by AMO Advisor Anthony

There are many different components of a Match application. Join AMO Advisor Anthony to learn more about everything you need to keep in mind when applying for the Matchespecially when you should participate in a clinical experience!

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Past Webinars

Catch up on our past webinars.

Interview with Dr. Kountz: Clinical Experiences and the U.S. Residency Match

AMO sat down with the co-chief academic officer and vice president of a 17-hospital system in New Jersey to discuss how you can secure a U.S. residency match.


Interview with a Residency Director: U.S. Research Rotations with Publication

The residency program director at a New-Jersey-based hospital joined AMO to discuss the U.S. residency Match and how publication helps you stand out.


Why U.S. Clinical Experiences

AMO Advisors Clair and Anthony discuss the advantages of using AMO for your U.S. clinical experience. Learn more about the AMO platform and application process!


Emergency VISA Appointments

With long visa wait times at most U.S. Embassies, AMO COO Ben Bradley walks through the Emergency Visa Appointment process.

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Instagram Lives

Check out our past Instagram Lives for more helpful information.

During this live event, hear from Reem, an AMO Ambassador and medical student from Saudi Arabia, as she discusses her experience completing a virtual rotation.

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Learn about residencies and clinical experiences with Blanca, an AMO visitor.

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Conversations on healthcare, medical education, and more.

Podcast: Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry

Helping International Medical Students Get in the U.S. Healthcare System and More with Kyle Swinsky

AMO co-founder and CEO, Kyle Swinsky, joins Dr. Berry’s podcast to discuss the role of internationally trained physicians in the U.S. healthcare system.

Podcast: LifeBlood with George Grombacher

Innovating Healthcare Training with Kyle Swinsky

AMO co-founder and CEO, Kyle Swinsky, joins Grombacher’s podcast to discuss innovating healthcare training, meeting the need for additional training opportunities, why the problem exists, how technology is helping, and what the future could hold.

Visitor Stories

Hear stories from past AMO visitors!

"Across the board, my [residency] interviewers were impressed with the knowledge I was able to gain from my experience."

Sujata, United States

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“I would never have gotten so many interviews from these top tier hospitals without the help of AMO”

Fanru, China

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“{My AMO Coach] was there step-by-step, and she made sure I got that rotation no matter what”

Sabine, Pakistan

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