Creating a consistent pipeline of diverse students and doctors with the potential of bringing them onboard at your institution making your faculty more representative of your patient population.


Additional revenue for institutions, departments, and individual physicians.


The opportunity to give back and teach the next generation of new doctors..

How to Get Started


What we're looking for

Top programs can observerships or offer hands-on experience, academic affiliations, and offer inpatient exposure.



Our staff will hold a phone call to put together your program details, which will include reporting locations, clinical activities, and educational goals and objectives for visitors.


Start precepting

Once we have received your contract, your listing will go live, qualified applicants can begin to reserve for your rotation. Once a visitor reserves a spot, you will receive an alert with their details.

Who we Are

AMOpportunities strives to create more opportunities for educational equity for the healthcare professionals of tomorrow. At AMO we work with physicians and institutions to bring international medical students and graduates here to the US for short term training used to apply to residency or for CME purposes. We believe that everyone deserves access to education and our goal is to create more pathways to higher education for the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals of tomorrow.

AMO Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our trainee's?

Our medical trainee's come from all different backgrounds with one goal in mind, which is the pursuit of better quality education. With the help of our partners we are able to work towards our goal of creating more opportinitiy for educational equity for all.

What are the benefits of precepting?

There are multiple reasons for precepting for visiting international medical trainee's. AMOpportunities offers physicians and institutions stipends for hosting our visiting medical trainee's with some programs making $50,000 a year. There is also the benefit of creating a pipeline of high quality trainee's who can potentially come back and work in underserved communities or fill residency spots. Finally, there is giving back to the doctors of tomorrow.

What is expected of me to host?

AMOpportuntiies stirves to ensure that physicians and institutions use minimal resources needed to host the visiting medical trainee's. We handle all of the outside logistics needed to get the visitor in and work with administration at your facility to ensure that documentation is submitted in a timely manner so that your focus can be soley on educating the vistor in the clinical setting.

Still have questions about Hosting?

Email us at: Rotations@AMOpportunities.org

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