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Beatriz completed a pulmonary disease rotation in Florida during 2019. While there, she rotated at two Orlando-based hospitals and networked with U.S. physicians. Before rotating, Beatriz planned to practice medicine in Brazil; she’d now like to become a U.S. physician.

"My rotation was better than I expected. One of the most memorable moments was when I saw my first thoracocentesis, a procedure that I had never done in my school before. It was a great opportunity to learn with the doctor I was shadowing and one of his coworkers. Clinical experiences give you confidence by giving you the chance to put in practice everything you've learn in your school. Besides the educational part, it's important to know new cultures, meet people, create a good network."

AMO Rotation completed:

AMO Rotations completed:

IM/Pulmonary Disease
Florida Lung Asthma Sleep Specialists
Kissimmee, Florida

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