Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine at SoHo Health Clinic
Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine at SoHo Health Clinic
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Internal Medicine

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Internal Medicine

NYU Langone, Assistant Professor

Mt. Sinai Medical School, Assistant Professor

What to expect: 

Visitors will rotate their time with an NYU and Mt. Sinai Professor at their ambulatory center in Soho.

Visitors have the opportunity to see up to 40 patients adult a day in a primary care setting. Activities include taking lead on physical, chest and abdominal exams, clinical exams and histories, patient consultations, discussing differential diagnosis, screening risk factors, discussing preventative care, and working with clinic staff. Common procedures include digital rectal exams, wax removal, cryotherapy, botox, physical examinations, and electrocardiograms. The student will have an opportunity of conducting these common intake procedures and exams, and present the findings to the medical team. 

Preventive care, screening, risk factor modification and health promotion are all key elements in the practice. The clinic provides periodic physical exams, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic illness and are able to refer to a broad network of sub-specialists in the area and at other medical centers.

The doctor's clinic is located in Downtown Manhattan.

Additional Information:

  • Public transportation available 
  • Languages spoken in the clinic: Spanish and English

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Four Weeks:
Schedule and Additional Information*
Day Time
Monday 8 am - 5 pm
Tuesday 8 am - 5 pm
Wednesday 8 am - 5 pm
Thursday 8 am - 5 pm
Friday 8 am - 5 pm

*Schedule may vary, please consult with the physician upon arrival for any updates.

The Location
  • SoHo Health Clinic

It was a great experience, it helped me a lot and it was very useful. Dr. **** was very nice and considerate of the cultural differences and cooperative.

Pretty straightforward except the immunizations part

It was an excellent program, Dr **** is and excellent clinician with an excellent relationship with his patients.

Good practice to CS exam. Intevriew, survey and clinical notes making.
I truly loved this experience. This experience showed me the way clinics work and the way you need to accommodate to the patients needs. This internship also showed me working a team is very important. That having the support of your colleagues and having a bond with them is so important. It also showed me this experience that internal medicine might a choice for me in the future when I will be making decisions on my career path as a future doctor. I would like to thank again the entire staff for the amazing experience and being in the heart of such an amazing city.
Very good at respodning to questions and concerns, excellent prep prior to arriving at placement with online webinar.

I liked it on the whole. And I like how you respond to the emails on time.


It is a good opportunity, for IMGs to see how the system works in USA, and learn many things from good doctors.


I had a great learning experience at SoHo Health NY. I got to learn a lot under Dr. **** and the staff at Soho Health NY. The patient interaction and the varied cases i got to see through the course of my one month at the clinic has taught me a lot clinically. It was also fun interacting with students of different nationalities to make it a well rounded clerkship.

AMO sufficiently gave a s significant preview of how healthcare works in the US. My attending was kind, considerate, and accommodating! He always encouraged us to be up on our feet and perceive every patient as an opportunity to learn. This experience was definitely memorable and an eye opener.

Found this program very helpful and was able to communicate with ease. All queries were answered. Was an affordable and worthwhile experience.

Good program overall.

10/10. Had a great rotation. Exactly what I was expecting. Saw a lot of patients and learnt more about private practice in the US.


I loved it so much.

Very useful experience for IMGs, Doctor and Nurse Practitioners are really nice people who are always happy to help you.

The internship was amazing! I've learned a lot! Everybody on the clinic was super welcoming and friendly!

Very welcoming with an abundance of clinical and hands on experience.
AMO was a really big help and very accomodating especially regarding our inquiries before going to the US. What I like the most is that they reply fast which makes everything easy and that they prepared a Pre-departure video presentation so we will know what to expect.

I loved my stay in NY and would not have changed it for another city. ******** where I did my rotation is very welcoming and provides many challenges that you have to face and I really appreciate it. There are no words to describe how nice and warm is the staff who works there. There was anything that they were not willing to help you with. Mainly people are who makes your memories and these people made mine unforgettable.

Overall, I am glad that I chose to do my first clinical rotation in the US with AMO. I didn't face any problems during the time I spent at the clinic - the medical staff was well informed on our visit and very helpful, they were all truly amazing people, and I am now proud to call them friends. Everything went smoothly, the clinic had all of my documents on time, I got a wonderful LOR at the end of the rotation.

It was a great experience even if not how expected. Dr **** and his team are very helpful and kind and I am greatful for what I learn in this past month. I haven't had any trouble, everything was well organised. Dr **** has spent wondeful words for me and he has already completed the evaluation form and he also wrote a recommandation letter for me. I think I will do my next rotation with your organisation, because any kind of problem that I have had, you have tried to resolve as better you can.


Dr. ******* is a very knowledgeable and courteous person , I personally learnt alot from him from dealing with patients to consultations,counseling , making notes and appropriate differential diagnosis. I d like to specially mention the staff and nurse practitioners at ********* , I had the opportunity to learn from the best.

The program was great because of the doctor and staff there. The nurse practitioners were unbelievably nice and helpful, they made the whole thing more enjoyable.

Very cool place! Friendly staff. You'll learn a lot and get better at typing EMR’s. A lot of inpatient flow! Excellent place to work for the experience if you are planning to become a PCP.


Soho Health, NY is a great place for a hands-on experience. Dr. **** and the entire staff is really friendly and the working environment is excellent. I've done externships at two other clinics (not through AMO) and this one was by far the best experience I had.

it was an overall good experience, got to meet lots of new and lovely people, great practice for CS exam.

A very good program, highly recommend it for students who wish to gain USCE. A brilliant practice for USMLE STEP 2 CS.

A wonderful program that provides students and graduates an experience of what it might be like to practice medicine in USA. They make sure that you have a great experience and guide you from the process of application until the very end of the externship.
It was a decent hands-on experience. Great thing if you are planning to do CS exam soon.

AMO was especially helpful and quick to respond before and during my rotation. The entire process was a breeze and I did not face any hiccups. SoHo Health Clinic with Dr. **** was an excellent place to start my first rotation in the US. The primary care setting was a gateway to understanding the medical practice in the US as it covered the fundamental basics of quality preventative care and the importance of teamwork. The doctor was very professional and allowed me to see and examine patients on my own followed by a review of notes. The staff and nurse practitioners were also very nice. Overall, it was a pleasant and busy month.


It was really helpful in getting a clinical experience in USA. I would recommend regarding your program to all my friends who are looking for a good clinical experience. Also appreciate Dr. **** for all the help in gaining clinical knowledge.

Amo was so helpful

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