Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery with Assistant Professor, University of Miami
Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery with Assistant Professor, University of Miami
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Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery

University of Miami , Voluntary Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery

Affiliated with Good Samaritan Medical Center - West Palm Beach, Jackson Health, St. Mary's, JFK Medical Center

What to expect:

Opportunity to observe plastic surgery procedures and consults at the doctors clinic as well as Good Samaritan Medical Center. 

While with the doctor visitors can expect to learn about various techniques and procedures used in the plastic surgery field. Activities and procedures visitors may include: Pre-op examination, consultation, facelift, brow lift surgeries, arm lift, breast augmentation, and sculpting, liposuction, blepharoplasty, reconstructive hand surgery, tummy tuck, facial reconstructive surgery, Botox injections, eye lifts, hyaluronic acid (juvederm), and laser-based. Learn product information including popular injectables, toxins, peels, cosmetic procedures & lasers.

All facets of plastic and reconstructive surgery; Emphasis on cosmetic procedures, in-office procedures utilizing local anesthesia only. Physician has approximately 10 patients/day, schedule varies.

Additional Information:

  • Visitors should stay within 15 minutes of office location.
  • Public transportation available
  • Dress code: scrubs

Experiece Cost per
Four Weeks:
Schedule and Additional Information*
Day Time
Monday 8 am - 5 pm
Tuesday 8 am - 5 pm
Wednesday 8 am - 5 pm
Thursday 8 am - 5 pm
Friday 8 am - 5 pm

*Schedule may vary, please consult with the physician upon arrival for any updates.

The Location
  • Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
It was a meaningful experience, my first clinical rotation abroad, and allowed to me to understand how works the health system in the United States. Also, it gave to me a good insight of the plastic surgery, and how to approach the patients. Dr Barr was an excellent physician and professor, additionally he cared a lot about my learning.
i truly enjoyed my whole experience in west palm beach.
Even though it is high cost, the service is amazing. I only had to worry on getting the things they told me done and they took care of the rest. I believe that is their greatest asset, their great client service. A few things I would recommend just to help the student have a more clear understanding of what to expect and what is needed: 1. I would be very clear on the differences between a hands on vs observation rotation because even though I did the hands on rotation, there is not much you can do in a private practice with high class patients and in office procedures. Maybe in a hospital scenario the difference between hands on and observership are more clear but I felt like this rotation was more an observership than a hands on. 2. I understand every rotation and facility is different and demand different things as well, but in my case I got a ton of vaccines and exams and in the office they told me that was not necessary for this practice, I guess this is because we are not in a hospital and I do not go to surgery in the surgery center. Fortunately I have insurance here and could get a vaccine I was missing for free before I began my rotation but in my country where I got the other ones they are very expensive and the tests are also expensive and hard to get.
It was a great and new experience

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