Pediatrics with Chief of Pediatrics, Woman's Hospital of Texas
Pediatrics with Chief of Pediatrics, Woman's Hospital of Texas
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Woman's Hospital of Texas, Chief of Pediatrics 

What to expect:

Visitors will work with a pediatrician based in Houston, Texas. While with the doctor visitors can expect to learn about the medical care of infants, children, adolescents. Duties will include taking medical records, patient examinations, interpretation of diagnostic tests such as FLU, MONO, STREP, and blood tests. The visitor should expect to see approximately 60 patients a day while in the clinic. 

The office is located at the Woman's Hospital of Texas and there is the potential to attend Grand Rounds at Texas Children's Hospital each week.

Additional Information:

  • Primarily outpatient. Inpatient exposure dependent on patient load and rounds
  • Orientation and HIPAA training provided during the first week of the program
  • Letter of recommendation based on merit will be formatted on clinic letterhead and will mention the doctor's affiliations and positions held
  • Visitors should bring own stethoscope and otoscope

Experiece Cost per
Four Weeks:
Schedule and Additional Information*
Day Time
Monday 8 am - 5 pm
Tuesday 8 am - 5 pm
Wednesday 8 am - 5 pm
Thursday 8 am - 5 pm
Friday 8 am - 5 pm

*Schedule may vary, please consult with the physician upon arrival for any updates.

The Location
  • Pediatrics of Greater Houston
  • Texas Children's Hospital

Fine all in all.

It was a fun educating experience.
It was a great experience

It was pretty fantastic! Dr. **** faculty are very friendly for IMG. And also he seems like enjoy teaching for us. Lesson learned a lot, now Dr. **** is my role model as a Pediatrician in the US. It is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So I even try to become a vegetarian!

It was a valuable experience and helped polish my clinical skills as a final year student and taught me how to interact with patients in a new setting efficiently. However, some aspects of communication were lacking when it comes to organizing the elective beforehand and can be improved upon by AMO.

AMO is a brilliant program for international students like me who struggle to find their way through electives and observerships. It gave me a chance to learn at an amazing place among wonderful people. Dr****, the paediatrician I worked with was highly dedicated, kept me informed about each and every case and how to treat them and also asked me questions through out the day which is a great way for a student to learn something! I loved it!

my experience with the AMO was amazing and they respond immediately. working with Dr.Schaffer was a great and memorable experience and he me a lot and my history taking , clinical skills have improved very much and after finishing the one month of clinical rotation i feel more confident now.
It was a very enriching learning experience.
I have found my experience extremely useful and learned alot during my time at the rotation.
The program was well-organized, and coordinated. The break time was more than enough, the facilities for lunch were excellent, and the support system was always prepared to respond to any of our inquiries.
I had a really great time in the four weeks I went there, I had the best luck with the physician I was with, Dr. Don M. Schaffer was a really kind doctor, always with a smile and one of the best things of my rotation was being with him, he always knew the name of his patients, his patients really loved him and a lot of times to make them get in confidence he entered the room singing a song about the chief complaint and the name of the patient! He is the living example of how a pediatrician should be. The academic experience was full of different patients, the diversity of United States make you see so many different pathologies that I have not watched in my country, I feel really fortunate of everything learned.

Fast and super helpful, reminding me what information left I needed and helping me even though I didn't do it on time.


It was an awesome experience with great knowledge from the doctors, learned a lot there and I hope I can come back soon.


Very good! Except for the email!


Great but not 100% professional because I didn't get the whole idea and details

I was happy with my experience with the doctor I was with and as well as clinical and text book knowledge that was taught to me. AMO did a great job in getting my papers even though I was a bit late for signing up for the month I wanted. Great response time too whenever I had any questions prior to my clinical elective. The only thing I would say is if AMO could get more Pediatric Hands-On clinicals in Dallas, Texas, that would be great!!!
Overall, it was well organized, I got to ask for my letter of recommendation, and the application was clear and efficient
Everything was amazing, the process to get enrolled is really easy and simple. Would definitely recommend it.


I loved this rotation. The doctor and staff were incredible, very friendly and helpful. Doctor Schaffer is a great physician and human being, also he encourage us to practice and learn. I recommend this rotation a lot.
For training the skill of anamnesis and physical exam, it was good.

I think it was a great experience, helped me become more fluid in everyday english conversation, made good friends, learned a lot from dr ****


I had a great experience with AMO! I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to have clinical exposure in the states.

Christina Abi Kheir
Its great overall!

It was a wonderful experience.

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