AMOpportunities Partners with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Brittany Trevick

AMOpportunities is working with UPMC to deliver three-month internal medicine observerships for international medical students.


March 2, 2020

AMOpportunities, a Chicago-based company that provides international medical students and graduates with clinical training across the UnitedStates, has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to provide foreign medical trainees with three-month observerships that include mentoring sessions for residency applications and interviews.

Typically, AMOpportunities offers four-week clinical experiences. With this new partnership, the company now provides opportunities for foreign medical trainees to develop even stronger relationships with their physicians as they train over an extended period. This increases the possibility of trainees earning outstanding letters of recommendation that will help them Match into a residency and become a U.S. physician.

“We’re so excited to partner with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to enhance our offerings for foreign medical trainees,” says Kyle Swinsky, CEO, AMOpportunities. “Visitors who attend this program will receive an eye-opening glimpse into the U.S. medical system, training opportunities from top-ranked physicians & medical staff, workshops to develop their skills, and role-playing sessions with professional patient actors. It’s a fantastic opportunity for future foreign-trained doctors.”

In working with AMOpportunities, clinical sites can generate more than$200,000 in revenue, use a simple-to-use online platform for tracking purposes, and rely on the AMOpportunities staff to handle all administrative needs for the hospital. Partnerships with hospitals creates a direct pipeline of foreign medical trainees that are vetted by AMOpportunities. This pipeline addresses the impending physician shortage in the U.S.

AMOpportunities also has institutional partnerships with HarvardMedical Faculty Physicians at BIDMC, Inc., University of Illinois Chicago,University of Miami, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, LarkinCommunity Hospital in Miami, and Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago.

About AMOpportunities, Inc.

AMOpportunities, Inc. is a Chicago-based company that manages clinical training for schools, hospitals, and students globally. The company’s end-to-end software solution has provided more than 3,500 students with rotations at 250-plus clinical sites. They count Kaplan Medical and AMSA as partners as well as institutions such as University of Miami, UChicago Medicine, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Florida InternationalUniversity, and UI Health. More information at
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